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What is the Rapido Card?

At FNB Finance your loyalty pays…today! 

Gone are the days of waiting for loan approvals when you’re out shopping for the things you want. Now you can enjoy convenience and speed through your Rapido card. Rapido is a privilege card given to our loyal customers, with a pre-approved credit limit. With Rapido, say goodbye to complicated paperwork and waiting for loan approval and get pre-approved revolving credit that can be used at any of our network’s retailers. Just choose the item you want, present your card to the sales representative and get your immediate online authorization while you’re still in the store. What’s more, Rapido is a revolving card, which means each payment you make on the card will be credited directly into your account, where it can be used again!

So how does Rapido work?

Visit the dealer of your choice from the Rapido network

  • Choose the item or items you want and present your Rapido card along with your ID to the sales representative
  • Your card is then authorized for the selected amount.
  • Approve and sign on your preferred installment schedule (showing your fixed monthly payments and maturity dates).
  • You’re good to go!

You’ll receive an SMS notification letting you know what your authorization amount is, your dealer’s name and remaining availability to keep you updated. 

Rapido is a privilege card, with a pre-approved limit offered to FNB Finance loyal customers

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